Our first priority is to become experts in understanding your brand, the consumer culture surrounding you and the market your product or service exists in. By working with you to understand your company and by researching your market space, competitors and potential clients, we approach your identity design through a collective, authentic process directed at the specific goals your identity needs to achieve. Our strategies are long-term and long-lasting, meaning your identity will be working for you for years to come.

Once we understand your company, the world that surrounds your market space and the consumer culture that inhabits it, we can create a logo, type & style guide, color palette and overall aesthetic that will draw the appropriate clients to your product or service.


Creating a brand identity is important, but having a strong positioning strategy that is consistently reinforced by the way clients experience your brand is essential for developing a consistent and strong consumer following. We manage every interface and interaction between your consumer and your brand—from your business card and website to your iPhone apps and social media presence—to ensure a strong brand experience.

Many clients work with us on a complete production—partnering with us on initial strategy through brand identity and brand experience—to assure they have the best brand possible. Other clients work with us on one or two of our three main services. Some clients partner with us over the course of years, while others work with us on short term projects.

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