Two Hundred Point is a division of Barnickel Design serving as a showcase for our art projects and illustration services. 200pt refers to the bold, large-scale font types we use when designing t-shirts and posters. The bisected diamond logo is a tribute to Sébastien Truchet, the French mathematician who created the standard for measuring type that our modern point system derives from.

When we launched 200pt we wanted it to attract young, talented illustrators and designers, who we could collaborate with, as well as production partners like Urban Outfitters that could bring the products to market.

We carried the bisected diamond shape over from our parent company Barnickel Design in order to create a subtle association between the two divisions of the company, while allowing each to have it’s own identity. All our marketing collateral carries the theme of our brand identity into the specific style of every new art print collection that we produce.

Our art prints are printed with archival inks on acid free, museum quality paper and hand stamped, numbered and signed to further emphasize our brand message of quality craftsmanship and love for design.

We wrap each print in velum and seal it with our custom embossed seal before flat packing in order to expose the customer to our logo one more time and add authentic value to the purchase.


We designed our website to be clean, beautiful and easy to navigate while showcasing our products in the most effective way possible.

By the end of the viral and direct mail marketing campaign associated with 200pt’s first collection, the brand had been featured on numerous design blogs, requests for internships and collaborations by young designers were coming in daily, our online store was sending out art prints faster than we could print them and one was even turned into the following tank with Urban Outfitters.