Insert Culture

The team at Barnickel Design did way more than transform my logo and brand into a clean, modern design that gets noticed both in print and online, but they helped transform the business itself with insightful brand strategy that helped make 2011 our best year yet at Insert Culture. Rob and the Barnickel team offered some of the best service and support we’ve ever had — he’s spoiled us and we now compare all our contract work to the stunning job Rob did for us.

- Andrew Nealon, Owner of Insert Culture

When Andrew Nealon approached Barnickel Design to create a brand identity for his growing media strategy firm, we set out to give him a modern presentation that would keep his brand cutting-edge in the technology sector, while still conveying a strong sense of media history.

The brand’s initial logo was a literal interpretation of the classic 7” single record insert, an inexpensive, small and simple piece of media technology that solved the large and costly problem of backward compatibility. It’s this idea — that there is often a simple technological solution to complex business problems — that is at the center of Insert Culture’s identity.

To keep this central theme intact, we utilized the strong cultural iconography of the 7” to modernize the brand mark and separate it from the slew of coffee shops and record stores that use the literal record insert mark the brand began with.

The analog roots of media and media tactility were very important to the client’s aesthetic, so the identity demanded both sleek tech-futurism and the palpable feel of media in your hands. The serious black and while palette and clean sans serif keep the mark technical and modern, while the cardstock and letterpress add heft and tactility.