What Comes Around Goes Around

Rob and his team are easy to work with and were able to help us create a brand image and accompanying collateral that are perfectly suited to our clientele… their consulting services in our recent re-branding effort have been essential to keeping our company’s image consistent and attractive to our customers.

-Gerard Maione, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of What Goes Around Comes Around

For the SoHo vintage clothing archive What Comes Around Goes Around, Barnickel Design was tasked with developing a bold identity system for the WCAGA collection, boutiques and archive.

Inspired by the vintage clothing labels and advertisements that make up WCAGA’s glorious historical collection, the color palate and overall aesthetic of the identity maintains the brand’s connection with artifacts. Rich sepia tones and a soft cream hinting at 19th century printing processes and gold accents symbolize the high-end, luxury positioning WCAGA has come to stand for.

The custom typography echoes hand-stitched vintage clothing labels, but maintains the sophisticated aura WCAGA demands. The typography and small “key” icon appeal to the feminine aesthetic, while the bold, deep browns and use of empty space appeal to the masculine eye.

For the launch of the 2009 Spring / Summer Collection — inspired by The Rolling Stone’s vacation to Cuba in the 1970′s — Barnickel Design created custom-pattern totes and aged travel-document sets used as party favors and invitations, respectively.

The look book for the collection conveys the 1970’s Rock n’ Roll vibe while maintaining the brand’s overall identity as a high-end tastemaker.

Company-wide promotions and collateral remain rooted in the Western Victorian theme and the key logo and custom typography are prominent.

Promotions for various collections and parties can take advantage of a specific theme while still adhering to the What Comes Around Goes Around brand standards.

The 2008 Men’s Winter collection was inspired by “The Rolling Stones at English University in the late 1960′s.”

This company has recently changed it’s name to What Goes Around Comes Around for various reasons and we have acted as consultants for the re-branding effort.